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A Healthy New Beginning!

Welcome friends, both old and new, to the reboot of Debbie's Peak Style! After a rough couple of years, I have been compelled to chart a new course. I have always been passionate about health and fitness. I was a college basketball player, and have been active in strength training and cardio of one form or another through my adult years. But, recent events, and the current state of our healthcare system have reignited that passion! You see, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer, and in less than 4 months, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia, and was gone two months later...both at age 78. Both had been active, were never overweight, and ate a seemingly healthy diet. Navigating the grief has been difficult and sobering. As a nearly 60 year old at the time, you wouldn't think I would feel like an orphan...but I did...and still do. Being an only child is especially hard when it comes to handling the final affairs, but thankfully, I had help from dear cousins, and the love and support of my two beautiful daughters!

In the precious time with my mom near the end, she shared with me her hope that I would LIVE, and not just exist! To not stay in a crappy, meaningless job... Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us, but realizing how little time I might have left with my girls has been a strong motivator to transition to this new path!

I want to have many strong, independent, healthy years with my girls, and their future families! I set out to learn all that I can in the science of longevity, and have become a Certified Health Coach in the process! In addition to strength training (which is critical!), I am also earning a Yoga Certification!

Soooo, that is the background story leading up to the "New and Improved" Debbie's Peak Style! I will be sharing all of the best SCIENCE backed information, and especially what is working for me, with all of you! And, not to worry...I still LOVE fashion, accessories, and beauty products, and they will still be in the mix! I hope that you all will join me in the pursuit of "Healthy Aging, with Style!"


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